Cabinet Storage Solutions

Selecting Sufficient Storage

Kitchen storage space is a hot commodity. You want a room that’s functional and meets all your needs. It’s the heart of your home—where you prep the meals that sustain your family and the gathering place that takes center stage during holidays and parties. When your kitchen lacks sufficient storage and organization, you’re not operating at your best.

Viteri Cucine offers a variety of storage solutions and upgrades that can easily be installed along with cabinet refacing or new cabinetry, so you can love your new kitchen even more!


Sorting the Storage Situation

As you sort through your storage shortages think about finding affordable, contemporary solutions that will create organizational efficiencies, decrease health hazards and improve food prep.

Clean Cabinet Clutter

Cleaning can be a real chore. With proper organization and storage in your kitchen, you’re already halfway there. Ease the burden of regular upkeep by adding resourceful storage options.

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Reduce the risk of injury with handy storage solutions. Create a design that ages with you—so you’ll never have to kneel or hunch again because everything's within arm’s reach!

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Organize your kitchen and operate like a master chef. Everything will be exactly where you need it when you need it. Whip up your tasty treats and in no time you'll be saying, bon appétit!

Setting Storage Standards

At Viteri Cucine we believe there’s a place for everything and everything has its place, which is why we offer ample storage solutions to meet all your needs.


You’re probably familiar with Lazy Susans, but Susan isn’t the only kitchen cabinet organizer anymore! Whether you’re looking to find a fitting home for oversized trays and serving platters, or need to conquer those deep, dark corner spaces—these hassle-free storage solutions are sure to do the trick.


If you’ve ever had to bend down on your knees and hunch in a dark cabinet to find what you need, then you’ll want to consider our pull-out organizers. Eliminate the aggravation of digging through deep cabinets with a pull-out—finding what you need is effortless, and your knees will thank you!


Ever struggle to find exactly what you’re looking for in an overcrowded and messy drawer? Take back control over your kitchen with a drawer insert. You’ll never be frustrated again. When everything is exactly where it should be, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what to make for dinner.

Cabinet Organizers

Pull-Out Organizers

Drawer Organizers




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