Choosing the Right Materials for Your Cabinet Refacing Project

When it comes to refacing supplies for cabinets, your decision can determine the entire outcome of the project. Which cabinet refacing materials are the best options for you? Get an in-depth breakdown of various materials in this guide from the experts at Viteri Cucine, the premier kitchen remodeling company in Hollywood, FL

cabinet refacing materials

Common Refacing Cabinet Material Options

The cabinet refacing process involves removing the doors and drawer fronts from your cabinet boxes and placing a veneer over the face and sides of the cabinets. Once the veneer is set, you’ll complete the project by installing brand-new doors and drawer fronts, often with new hardware to make the cabinets stand out. 

Contractors often use the following materials for cabinet veneers:

  • PVC vinyl: Opting for PVC vinyl can help you maintain a clean and safe kitchen as it resists rot from moisture and termites. However, this cost-effective option can scratch easily and warp with heat and light exposure. 
  • Medium-density fiberboard: A type of engineered wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) will leave your cabinets with a smooth surface that paint will adhere to if you choose to refinish the cabinets. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t last as long as real wood veneers and will rot with excessive moisture. 
  • Rigid thermofoil: One of the most popular cabinet refacing materials is rigid thermofoil. This wood laminate features a medium-density fiberboard with a protective layer of vinyl molded using heat and high pressure. 
  • Solid wood: Use solid wood veneers if you want your cabinets to have an authentic, high-end look. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including oak, pine, cherry, and hickory. 

What To Consider During Cabinet Renewal Material Selection

Narrowing down your options for cabinet refacing materials may seem difficult at first. However, you have to consider a few important factors. Review each of the following components and choose a material that checks off all your boxes. 

Your Budget

Some high-quality refacing cabinet materials may fall outside your price range. If you have little wiggle room in your budget, you can certainly opt for a cost-effective option. Choosing a less expensive material doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality of your cabinets. 

For example, solid wood veneers can quickly increase the total cost of your project. Choosing a wood laminate like rigid thermofoil will save you money yet make your cabinets look high-end. Remember that your project may cost extra if you choose to replace the following cabinet hardware:

  • Hinges
  • Door knobs
  • Drawer pulls
  • Drawer tracks and slides

Design Aesthetic

Are you planning to give your kitchen a whole new aesthetic with cabinet refacing? Your design preference could play a key role in selecting cabinet refacing materials. 

Say your current kitchen design embodies a rustic and traditional aesthetic, but you want to achieve a more modern look. Solid wood veneers tend to favor rustic styles, while cabinets that use PVC vinyl often suit contemporary designs. A professional contractor can help you evaluate your design preferences and select a material that complements your vision. 

Cabinet Maintenance

Since each refacing material reacts differently to moisture and heat, you’ll need to determine the maintenance that your cabinets will need. You can clean cabinets that contain solid wood veneers simply by wiping them down with a mild cleaner and occasionally polishing the wood. 

You’ll need to clean a laminate with a gentle soap mixture and avoid excessive heat. Figure out the amount of upkeep you’re willing to put in and choose a material accordingly. 

Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets With Help From Our Experts

With so many cabinet facelift material choices, it can feel daunting trying to decide on the right one for you. Work with our contractors at Viteri Cucine to get insight on which one will work best for your style and budget. Let our kitchen remodeling experts guide you through the cabinet refacing process and leave you with stunning kitchen storage that you’ll love. 

Contact us at (945) 549-4912 to speak with a specialist about cabinet refacing and schedule a consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reface Kitchen Cabinets Yourself?

Yes, you can perform cabinet refacing yourself. However, we recommend hiring a professional who knows how cabinet refacing works and specializes in kitchen remodeling projects, especially when it comes to installing laminate countertops under high pressure to ensure durability and quality craftsmanship.

What Is the Most Expensive Cabinet Refacing Material?

Solid wood veneers are more expensive than other materials but showcase high-quality craftsmanship. 

What Are the Best Materials for Cabinet Refacing?

The best cabinet refacing materials suit your budget and enhance your kitchen design.

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