Here’s How You Can Elevate Your Kitchen Design with High-End Countertops

High-end countertops are a dream feature for many homeowners. Viteri Cucine’s experience with kitchen remodeling in Hollywood, FL, allows us to help those homeowners achieve their visions. Before you get wrapped up in another kitchen design Pinterest board, let’s explore how luxury countertops might fit into your design below.  

What Makes a Countertop High-End?

Choosing a high-value material is only half the battle when shopping for high-end countertops. You should also consider other elements, such as:

  • Material thickness: Most luxury countertop designs feature slender surfaces. Thin surfaces are lightweight and work well with more cabinetry designs than thicker ones. 
  • How colors and shades affect light design: Lighter shades amplify light dispersion while dark shades absorb light. Consider the colors of other design elements and how they will balance out your countertop colors. 
  • Countertop materials: Laminates and similar materials aren’t considered high-end. Opt instead for natural stone, butcher block wood, and similar materials found in nature. 
  • Durability: A quality countertop should resist stains, scratches, and other unsightly damage. Occasional resealing or resurfacing services should restore their natural beauty.
  • Other design influences: You want each element to work harmoniously together. The appliances and cabinets should bring out the best in your countertops and vice versa. 

A luxury kitchen remodeler like Viteri Cucine can seamlessly integrate these elements for a balanced yet unique kitchen design. 

Five Ideas for High-End Countertops and Kitchen Design

The most timeless, enduring designs are not always the trendiest or most popular choice. While an attractive countertop design might trend today, it could become passe tomorrow. When you spend good money on a quality, charming countertop, you want your investment to remain a visual staple. 

You can practice creativity or implement traditional design elements with the countertop ideas below. These recommendations also consider how cabinetry might fit into the aesthetic equation for an impactful yet appealing countertop selection.  

Stone Slabs with Hushed Cabinetry

Evoke an aesthetic that resembles a relaxing, oceanside resort with a rosy or sandy countertop stone and hushed cabinet colors. Granite countertops dominated by beachy, creamy neutrals pair perfectly with soft blue or sea green cabinets. This luxury countertop combination fosters serenity and togetherness. 

Contrasts with Class

Whether you have a kitchen island, peninsula, or traditional counter design, you can elevate the cabinet and countertop appearance with contrasting colors. For example, white marble with soft gray or silver veining beautifully offset dark gray, black, or navy blue cabinets. You can also shake things up with a dark countertop material featuring light, subtle veins to contrast light wood or white cabinetry. 

Sustainable and Stylish

Modern kitchen design trends increasingly involve sustainable materials that prioritize eco-friendliness. You can include this trend by making old materials an integral staple in your kitchen. Install recycled glass on more decorative countertops for an attractive material that is resistant to heat. You can also use reclaimed wood on kitchen islands and other surfaces for eating and food preparation. 

Plain Yet Playful

Modern trends come and go, but minimalism and maximalism will always rule. Combine these opposites tastefully with whimsical terrazzo countertops atop plain flat panel cabinetry. Choose cabinets in neutral shades like white, cream, or soft brown. The featureless simplicity will timeless blend with the colorful terrazzo countertops. 

Soft and Clean (Subtle Stone Veins with Naturally Colored or White Cabinets)

Some homeowners just want a simple, soft space to greet them when they arrive home. Cabinets featuring mellow colors combined with subtle stone countertops offer that softness you crave. The stone slab should look clean and bright with minimal veins while the cabinetry should sport lightly colored natural wood materials like bamboo. You’ll come home to an inviting, forgiving kitchen space that welcomes you. 

Contact the Kitchen Design Specialists at Viteri Cucine 

Although high-end countertops might appeal to you, they require consistent maintenance and care to retain their value. Therefore, laminate countertops are a homeowner’s top choice. Ask Viteri Cucine for advice about materials at 954-549-4912

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are best for high-end countertops?

The best materials for high-end countertops are marble and granite. Marble works beautifully for homeowners with a generous budget, while granite offers a similar aesthetic at a lower price. 

What countertop materials increase property value?

Natural stone countertops increase property value the most. Granite raises the value without breaking the bank, making it a more accessible option for both property sellers and buyers. 

Can I put crock pots or hot cooking implements on stone countertops?

No, you cannot put crock pots or other hot implements on stone countertops. Place potholders and other buffering materials beneath them to protect the stone.

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