The 9 Must-Haves for an Outdoor Kitchen

The 9 Must-Haves for an Outdoor Kitchen

Florida generally has nice weather year-round, presenting the perfect time and space to spice up your outdoor living. Expert kitchen remodeling services in Hollywood, FL, can help you design, build, and finalize an outdoor kitchen.

What are a few must-haves for outdoor kitchen spaces to make them the most comfortable and usable? Viteri Cucine explores nine of the best outdoor kitchen features.

must haves for outdoor kitchen

The Basics

These outdoor kitchen must-have appliances and tools help make staying in the sun a bit longer that much more enjoyable.

#1. Outdoor Grill

No outdoor kitchen truly feels complete without something to cook with. The less time you spend running inside for food you could’ve made outside, the better.

Most outdoor grills take advantage of the open air for ventilation. However, if your grill is closer to your home, you’ll be okay if you have a high-quality vent hood and system.

#2. Outdoor Refrigerator

Since you’re cooking outside, why not have something to keep the ingredients in? One of the best modern must-haves for outdoor kitchen spaces is an outdoor refrigerator.

Just any old refrigerator won’t do. Budget for one with additional weather protections to keep critters, unwanted moisture, and dust out. They can be more expensive than the usual fridge, but the benefits far outweigh the potential cons of an unsuitable refrigerator.

#3. Counters and Other Surfaces

As you know, cooking requires space. Durable, high-quality counters not only give you surface space to work with but also provide storage for utensils, smaller appliances, and more. You can color-coordinate your outdoor space with natural wood counters and sturdy, weather-resistant countertops.

#4. Outdoor Sink

After cooking comes cleaning, and there’s no reason to do that inside either. Install a sink with your counters for a great addition to your outdoor food prep abilities. Moreover, if someone has a bit of an accident at the grill, a water source isn’t far away – as long as it’s not a grease fire, of course.

The Setting

Don’t forget these comfort amenities on your essential outdoor kitchen equipment list!

#5. Pergola or Shade

When the sun gets high, so does the heat. Block some sunlight with a pergola, whether factory-made or customized for your yard. You can also use other shades, from porch covers to large parasols.

Because of Florida’s tropical climate, shade is a must-have for outdoor kitchen areas. They can help prevent sunburn, heat stroke, and other summertime hazards.

#6. Outdoor-Safe Seating

You can get amazingly creative with these outdoor kitchen essentials. Your seating can come in various styles, colors, and materials, depending on your aesthetic.

For a more garden experience, wire seating can add a touch of elegance. If you prefer space to lounge, outdoor lounge couches can accommodate you. Most importantly, remember to add some bar seats if you want company on your outdoor kitchen island!

#7. Firepit or Patio Heater

Hollywood, FL, isn’t always warm! When the weather starts cooling down, stay outside longer with a firepit or patio heater. They can provide the heating you need to enjoy fall and winter weather to the fullest.

Remember firepit safety protocols to keep your family, friends, and visitors safe! Our team always keeps these rules in mind for any firepit or heater installation.

The Add-Ons

Although many designers forget them, these add-ons are outdoor kitchen necessities.

#8. Ice Maker or Ice Storage

Florida summers are no joke, so why rush inside all the time to cool down? An ice maker or ice storage addition can help keep your drinks cool without the cumbersome cooler! You can also use the ice maker with a crusher to make homemade snow cones with the right syrups and toppings.

#9. Trash Pull-Out Cabinet

One of the most forgotten outdoor cooking must-haves is a convenient trash disposal system! Instead of having a large trash can out in the open to attract flies and other pests, you can conceal food waste in a pull-out cabinet. Remember to empty it at the end of your festivities! to start your project today!

Design Your Best Outdoor Kitchen with Viteri Cucine

It can be tough to design and budget for an outdoor kitchen. Viteri Cucine’s licensed and insured designers and contractors can make your outdoor living dreams a reality. We specialize in project management and completion for spaces that accommodate your aesthetic without losing optimal functionality.

Do you want to explore more must-haves for outdoor kitchen spaces? Are you having trouble designing an outdoor kitchen for a small space in Hollywood, FL, or nearby areas? Call Viteri Cucine at 954-549-4912 or visit our contact page to start your project today!

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